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Credit is the provision of resources that allow a person or business entity to borrow money to buy products and pay it back within a specified period of time, this is called credit. Appear due to the credit agreement between 2 parties ie; the bank with other parties (individuals or enterprises) based on the approval or agreement to borrow loans between banks by another party that requires the borrower to repay the debt after a certain period that giving by the followers. Bank give loan money to customers, of course, expect their money back. Therefore, to reduce the risk, if the money is not returned, the bank must consider a few things associated with good faith and ability to pay the customer to pay back the loan with some interests. These consists of Character, Capacity, Capital, Colateral, and Condition of Economy, or often referred to as 5C. This credit concept can be applied to ordinary business inter-individually and corporately.

For the borrower (customer), will be charged on the interest and other charges. Banks bear the risk on loans granted to customers, but customers also have the risk of doing loans. Risk on borrowers such gained Late Payments Reports, Bad Collections, Charge-offs, Bankruptcies, Judgments, Liens, Inquiries, Foreclosures, Repossessions, Identity Theft, or Incorrect Personal Info. Customers do not want to bear the risks with their credit. Loan customers should be made with no mistakes, no identity errors, no false negatives, no inaccuracies, or other errors.

To avoid the troubled credit on borrowers, we generally use the other party to perform credit repair. By doing credit repair, the customer will get fix credit free of errors. Minimum, those who can do credit repair give the facility. These facility must provide Professional, Personal Case Advisor, Unlimited Disputes to Credit Bureaus, Access to Your Case Status 24/7 Online, Excellent Client Service or other services with the whole process easy for us. And do not forget, the entire facility is obtained by the payment can be postponed.

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