The Secret Business of a Messenger

Secret Business of a Messenger is a book written by Prof. Laode Kamaluddin, Ph.D., who explains about The Prophet MUHAMMAD SAW in building megabisnis that always profitable throughout history. Prof. Laode see "Muhammad" as an ordinary human being who led to be a successful, highly respected by any circles. This book does not look to the realm of the his RASUL, but more on how Muhammad doing business.

Small and young Muhammad had broken the mental block about a lot of people thought that the wealth, glory and success is only the rich or belong to someone respected and the family of kings himself. In the realm of this, Prof. Laode show that Muhammad is the prototype of a young child who does not want imprisoned mentally (the common view of people of a state):
  • That the people born in poor condition and orphans like himself are also entitled to a success-and rich-respected;
  • That the people who are born with no capital like himself could become the richest man if want to try with a diligent and intelligent;
  • That the inability to read and write is not a barrier to success;
  • That for quite a successful capital: trusty and so on.

Muhammad is not lazy-man. To succeed and prosper, Muhammad must work-hard, tears and blood if necessary.

Business herding goats was the first thing done. Goat herding is not a trivial job, but implied it is loaded with problems of leadership (leadership: if you can not set the sheep that are not reasonable, how can lead the human who understands and deceitful) as the main requirements of modern business management. Also, there is a lesson in herding goats ethical-moral (so as not to disturb the plants of others), emotional, spiritual, and physical endurance.

The next stage, Muhammad's 12-year-old who has been involved in a trade delegation to the land of Syam with his uncle Abu Talib which then evolved into Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain, Ethiopia, Syria and Yemen. Muhammad in this matter has been turned into a young exporters in their teens who sell goods out of the country / region.

When Muhammad marry the richest conglomerates of that time, Khadijah bint Khuwailid, Muhammad was able to pay the mahr (dowry) is so immense in the form of a camel and others. If converted to present value, according to Prof. Laode equivalent to 6 (six) billion dollars. It's so fantastic that no young children today who can pay the dowry for it on their own business.

In modern terms, Muhammad could be successful in building his business empire, starting from his persistence in building a personal reputation and personal branding is very reliable without the slightest defect since childhood, so he was called Al-Amin or Mr. Clean, people can be trusted because a very clean from all evil.

In personal His reputation, placing Muhammad as a money-maker and money-magnet that always sought after by investors to entrust capital or merchandise to be traded by Muhammad with a profit sharing system. Even more believe in Muhammad, Jews always trade and cooperate in with him.

With such a level of trust, Muhammad has adopted modern business ethics usually called societal marketing, good corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, corporate mystic, Sufi corporate, and others. The term that was unheard on that time.

Muhammad's business ethics are strictly applied, making Muhammad as a spiritual marketers who not only traded goods (tangible assets) but also trade ideas (intangible assets). Muhammad also adopted the principle of negotiation with intelligent dialogue process, as reflected when the negotiation process between Muhammad and Khadija bint Khuwailid about the fee for Muhammad.

Modern business principles, such as goals and customer satisfaction (consumer satisfaction), excellent service (service exellence), competence, efficiency, transparency, fair competition and competitive, it has become a picture of Muhammad's personal and business ethics when she was young until the end of Life . It is appropriate and not excessive if Muhammad is called as a foundation stone or the embryo of modern business principles. Muhammad also introduced the principle of "Facta Sur Servanda" which is the main principle in civil law and agreements; that all the hands get the highest authority to conduct transactions that are built on the basis of mutual agreement.

do the right thing
do the thing right

12 secrets in building megabisnis of Muhammad who always profitable throughout history:
  1. Make work as a farm to go to heaven
  2. In the business world, honesty and trust should not be negotiable at all
  3. Not only dream, but it must be good at realizing that dream
  4. Visionary thinking, creative and ready to face changes
  5. Planning and goal setting so clear
  6. Smart promoting himself
  7. Pay employees as soon as possible (ontime)
  8. Knowing the formula of "working with intelligent"
  9. Prioritize synergism
  10. Doing business with love
  11. Clever grateful and say "thank you"
  12. Be the best! became man's most useful