Study of Fingerprints and Hands Patterns

Biometrical Finger Print and Dermatoglyphics Diagnostic Tools is the study of fingerprints patterns and hand prints that can analyze a person's character. Similar predictions palms, but Dermatoglyphics towards more scientific approaches. And this has been a lot of writing in scientific journals, one of which is Milton Alter, MD, Ph.D. on "Dermatoglyphics Analysis as a Diagnostic Tool" published in the journal Medicine, January 1967 - Volume 46 - Issue 1 - page 35-56.

Milton Alter's paper discusses about the Technics of Recording Dermatoglyphics, Classification of Dermatoglyphics, Disorder and Associated Clinical Dermatoglyphics, autosomal Aneuploidy, ABERRATION of xy chromosomes, Single Gene Disorders, Genetic Disorders with Uncertain Transmission, exogenous Infuences, etc.

Biometric (Greek "bios" meaning life and "metron" meaning measure) is the study of automated methods for recognizing humans based on one or more parts of the human body or behavior from the man himself who has particularly unique. In a world of information technology, biometric technology that is relevant to be used to analyze the physical and human behavior for authentication / identification. For example in humans is by the physical introduction of fingerprint recognition, retina, iris, the pattern of the face, signature and typing as well as how to vote.

Fingerprint recognition or fingerprint authentication refers to the determination of the identification of every human being by using the patterns (patterns), The Arch particular, The Loop and The whorl pattern. These patterns combined with the formation of "minutiae" of the lines that make up fingerprint ridge endings, bifurcation, and short ridge (dot).

What is the Dermatoglyphics? explain that :
Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of the patterns on the fingers and hands. People have been studying each other's palms and hands for centuries and many cultures have a history of believing that the features on the hands can provide insights into someone's character or future, but dermatoglyphics takes a more scientific approach, looking for features which are associated with certain disorders. A number of claims are made about dermatoglyphics, some of which are true, some of which are less so.