18 Juni 2009

HDTV : the best television progress

For current time, television is not the luxury stuff anymore. Everyone have at least one television in their home, it may a standard television or may be a High-definition television. High-definition television called HDTV is a system for digital television broadcasting. This system have higher resolution that makes so clear and better quality image, not like the traditional television systems or standard-definition TV (SDTV). For the earliest, implementations of HDTV use analog broadcasting, but today HDTV use digital television (DTV) signals. DTV signals requiring less bandwidth due to digital video compression.

HDTV broadcast to costumer via Satellite Directv provider. On Direct TV we get a receiver to get best signal broadcast from satellite. There are so much channels category from this service such as sports, movies, international, special offer, local tv, and more.

Direct TV Satellite broadcast channels from best TV programming like Fox Sports Network, ESPN, ESPN Classic, NFL Network, NHL Center Ice, FOX Sports, CBS College Sports, Outdoor Channel, NBA TV and other sports tv programming. On movies channels we get HBO, Starz, Encore, Showtime, Showcase, The Movie Channel, Flix, Sundance Channel, or Cinemax. We also can watch tv programming in Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese and other language. For now, we can get free HD, DVR or HD DVR, or Nascar Hotpass.

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  1. ehm..ehm..nice info..he..he...

  2. Om ada nggak yah tv cable yg gratis, coz smua saluran2 itu nggak ada di daerahku :(

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