28 Juni 2009

Secure Your Home

Is your home secure when you are about travel? Are there guards as your home security? If it is not, you have to secure your home. It is necessary because there so much burglar. And it is not just about burglar at your home, it can happen to your office. On Seattle Report about OVERVIEW OF 2008 CRIME TRENDS, it describe that "At the same time there were citywide increases in other crimes – notably rape, robbery and non-residential burglary". Congressional Quarterly Press has released their annual ranking of city crime mentioned that Greensboro, Charlotte, Wilmington, High Point, Fayetteville are high dangerous city in US. For Metro Crime Rank mentioned that Pine Bluff, Memphis, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Sumter, Florence are six high dangerous metro in US. The crime rate rankings of the cities and metropolitan areas are calculated using six crime categories: murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.

How to make home security systems is not a difficult way. There so much tool and systems provided in this time. You can make your home so secure with Digital keypad that you have access to fire, medical and police dispatch with just one touch of a button. PIR Infrared Motion Detectors is detector that can distinguishes between pets and humans, reducing the incidence of false alarms. High Decible Alarm Siren so loud enough to alert everyone around it. There are so many tools that always monitor your home to make you safe.

Tips when your home is empty :
  • make your home look occupied with some timer to your light, tv, or radio.
  • suspended deliver of newspapers or magazine.

Tips when you are alone in your home :
  • do not open your door if someone knock, verify first.
  • close all doors and windows.
  • make some enough sound with your television or radio.

General tips :

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  1. Pesan saya sebagai Gubernur uang hasil reviewnya jangan lupa ya,disitu ada hak blogger lain terutama yang kasih komen.

  2. Moga habis dapet honor gak di ambil ama burglar bang.. wa..ka..ka...

  3. lots of "sedekah" will guard your home/tresurry... :D have a nice holiday !

  4. mmm mmmm..mau koment apa yaaa...


    bang...tolong kirimin es kacang merah ya hahahhahah.....atau gulai ikan hehehh

  5. laku nih tema-tema berhadiah begene...

  6. Pacu terus Bang,.... semua kontes babat abis. aku dibelakang kamu...


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