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Cathy Nguyen is a woman may be girl. Cathy Nguyen is a singer. I found her @ youtube. I am browsing here and there so walaaaaaaah... my eyes heading to screenshoot that present a boy and a girl, and then i click it. Her user on youtube is "lilcdawg" that join on March 11, 2006. It's so long ago. Cathy NGuyen is 23rd years old girl. Her user have 179,592 youtube subscribers. Fantastic. I think her fan is prefer to see her smile, so do I. hehehehe... but talk to my wife "wina", ok!

Cathy Nguyen is VIETNAMESE w/ a bit of French & Thailand, hometown at West Covina, USA. And know, she studying about radiology (x-ray) program that requires a lot of hard work & studying. On facebook, she have account with 83.446 "like". She live on Chino, CA (California). I know it from Cathy Nguyen Profile. She have twitter too with 31,689 followers and just follow 539 friends. It's okey if you be an artist. Follow her And you can find her on tumblr But you can't find on coz this website isn't Cathy's own.

And then i browse to anywhere to find about her. But nothing I can find anymore. Only at facebook I find her photo that share to public. Exactly, I do like her voice on youtube. We will watch soon at the bottom of this post. Enjoy it. Enjoy her smile. hmmmmm yummmy.........

Cathy Nguyen Video
She always pronounce Nguyen as NEW-YEN (new japanese kurs maybe jiahahahahahahaha)

Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat "Lucky" cover Cathy Nguyen and AJ Rafael

Video "knock you down" -- keri hilson ft. neyo & kanye west cover Cathy Nguyen

michael jackson medley video cover Cathy Nguyen

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