17 Mei 2011

Siapakah Pewarta Warga? (Who are citizen journalists?)

Ini tulisan yang TIDAK SELESAI karena MALAS menerjemahkannya. Kalo ada yang nerjemahin bagus juga tuh. Tulisan ini diembat dari Wikipedia tentang Who are citizen journalists?.


According to Jay Rosen, citizen journalists "the people formerly known as the audience," who "were on the receiving end of a media system that ran one way, in a broadcasting pattern, with high entry fees and a few firms competing to speak very loudly while the rest of the population listened in isolation from one another— and who today are not in a situation like that at all. ... The people formerly known as the audience are simply the public made realer, less fictional, more able, less predictable."

Abraham Zapruder, who filmed the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy with a home-movie camera, is sometimes presented as an ancestor of all citizen journalists.

Public Journalism is now being explored via new media such as the use of mobile phones. Mobile phones have the potential to transform reporting and places the power of reporting in the hands of the public. Mobile telephony provides low-cost options for people to set up news operations. One small organization providing mobile news and exploring public journalism is Jasmine News in Sri Lanka.

According to Mark Glaser, during 9/11 many eyewitness accounts of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center came from citizen journalists. Images and stories from citizen journalists close to the World Trade Center offered content that played a major role in the story.[citation needed]

In 2004, when the 9.1-magnitude underwater earthquake caused a huge tsunami in Banda Aceh Indonesia, news footage from many people who experienced the tsunami was widely broadcast.

During the 2009 Iranian election protests the microblog service Twitter played an important role, after foreign journalists had effectively been "barred from reporting".


Penggunaan microblog untuk menyebarkan berita sudah mulai banyak dipakai oleh situs-situs besar lainnya. Misalnya apa yang dilakukan oleh Jasmine News di Sri Lanka. JasmineNews menggunakan berita-berita singkat yang diinput dari media Twitter dan media lainnya melalui mobile phones (handphones). Lihat ini salah satu contohnya pada tanggal December 3, 2010 at 6:28 pm, Sangat singkat, tepat dan padat :
Judul :
All Athletes To Test For Banned Drugs-Sports Minister
Isi :
All who participate in international events will have to test for banned drugs, says Sports Minister says in Parliament-JNW
Sumber :

Ini contoh lainnya tertanggal December 2, 2010 at 8:22 am
Judul :
SLMC MP Noordeen Mazoor Passed Away-Family Member
Isi :
SLMC MP Noordeen Mazoor passed away this morning and funeral arrangements not yet finalised-family member-JNW
Sumber :

Jasmine News - Sri Lanka sengaja menampung berita dan informasi singkat dalam kategori Close Watch yang ditempatkan dalam directory + title sms-post. Hal ini untuk mempercepat penyebaran berita ke media internet dan website yang dimilikinya.

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