Blontea The Best Tea from Solo Indonesia

Blontea Tehpokil : Unique Mixture of Tea Variants Originated from Solo Indonesia

Tehpokil Blontea from Solo became one of the specially served beverages at the Bertuah Blogger Headquarter, Pekanbaru couple of months ago. It happened that Bertuah received Tehpokil Blontea from Solo as a gift after hosting a gathering event The Seminar Mading Online Sekolah (School Wall Magazine Online). This gift was very special because this was presented by the master mixer himself, @blontankpoer, the founder of Bengawan Solo Blogger Community who came to Pekanbaru to participate in that event. According to Mr. Mursid, "the tea which has special taste is called Blontea or Tehpokil. The master mixer of this tea is @blontankpoer. He is a journalist, photographer, blogger, and also a master in mixing great taste tea."

blontea Indonesian best taste tea pokil solo jogja javaThe mix for this tea was discovered first in January, 2010 by @blontankpoer from the mixture of Slawi originated tea which mixed with tea originated from Pekalongan and Wonosobo (also known as the best Tambi tea from Dieng mountains). Blontea or Tehpokil has dark color with bitter taste and distinct fragrant smell. The invention of this tea originally came from the tradition of people who live in Solo who like to mix tea variants in order to make pokil tea in vernacular term which have the same meaning as creation. The creation is intended to acquire different tastes of tea that might make one that distinctly tasty. There are many small tea vendors (tea seller - Indonesia) in Solo called “angkringan” which try to find their own formula of tea by mixing any tea variants in order to get the best and unique taste of tea. Mixed tea usually combined Tjatoet tea, Gopek, and Tong Tji teas which all of them are originated from Slawi, Tegal, Central Java - Indonesia. Tjatoet tea is bitter, while Tong Tji tea is fragrant; those two already make great combination of tea. The two are both jasmine teas, Lawu essence added with addition of Kemuning Tea in order to make the tea more perfect.

The best tea mixing tradition comes from the old Solonese tradition. Those people who mix teas are called “jayengan” or crew who make tea in a traditional gathering event, such as “kenduri” (ceremonial gathering), “slametan” (sacred gathering), “mantenan” (traditionally-held wedding), “sunatan” (circumcision), etc. The taste that acquired from the mixturer made by the “jayeng” who make them famous. Because of that, sometimes they have to be booked in order to serve guests in those gathering events held by the natives Solo.

To serve Tehpokil to get the best taste, there are two tea serving techniques or How To Brew Tea that can be done in order to acquire great tea taste. First, you can directly pour hot water in to a glass filled with tea leaves. This way, you make a glass of “teh tubruk”, a native term for serving tea without separating the leaves from the beverage. The second technique is serving tea without leaves on the glass, referred as “teh saring” or filtered tea. Sugar added by yourself.

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Tehpokil Blontea Solo Indonesia

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