Rock Climbing Equipment Gear

Rock Climbing Gear Equipments are the equipment that used by climber to be safe when climb the rock indoor or outdoor. Various kinds of equipment used for rock climbing. This equipment is used for the safety of the climbers when climbing the cliffs. The most popular type of equipment for the climb is described briefly in this article. This article is about protecting the climber and explain the equipment used to protect the climber against the consequences of falling.

Rock climbing is one of sport where climbers climb to the entire natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. The ultimate goal is to reach the target of the peak formation or the endpoint of the predetermined route without falling. Rock climbing is similar to scrambling, but climbing is generally differentiated by the use of hands to support the weight of climbers and also to provide a balance. Rock climbing is a physical and mental sport, as a test of a climber's strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control. Rock Climbing can be a dangerous sport and knowledge of proper rock climbing techniques. The use of climbing equipment (gear) is very important to complete a special safe route.

Essential Equipment/Gear
  1. Rope (kernmantle construction) (dry ropes, dynamic single ropes, dynamic twin and half ropes, gym ropes, static ropes)
  2. Webbing (aiders and etriers, slack lines, sling-padded, webolettes, cardolettes).
  3. Carabiners (locking carabiners, non-locking carabiners, Quickdraws, wire-biners, straight gates and regular D's, bent gates, solid gates, camp steel twist-lock carabiners)
  4. Harnesses (adjustable, corax, momentum AL, fixed, petzl corvus, full body, lighweight)
  5. Belay devices
  6. Rappel devices (descenders) (Figure eight, Rescue eight, Rappel Rack)
  7. Ascenders (ascension handheld, left, right, multipurpose, cam clean chest, climber hitch pully, jumar, Nforce rope ascender, NRS gibbs, croll chest, solo)
  8. Slings (Multi-Loop Gear Sling, Multi-loop Double-D Gear Sling, Double D Gear Sling Attachment, Zodiac Gear Sling, Padded Gear Sling, Rabbit Runner Spectra Sling, Cassin Salathe Gear Sling, Cassin Mescalito Gear Sling Cassin Mescalito Gear Sling, Drus Gear Sling, Daisy chain)
  9. Protection devices (Nuts, Hexes, Spring-loaded camming devices, Tricams)

Training equipment :
  1. Grip savers
  2. Fingerboards
  3. Campus boards
  4. Bachar ladder

Miscellaneous equipment (Add-on Rock Climbing Gear) :
  1. Tape
  2. Haul bag
  3. Gear sling
  4. Bouldering mat
  5. Chalk
  6. Chalk bag
  7. Resin
  8. Rope bag
  9. Dry Bags
  10. Climbing Packages
  11. Pulleys
  12. Ledges
  13. Bags and Haul Bags
  14. Tools (Drills, Hammers, Stick Clips, Nut tool)
  15. Bolts and Hangers (Sleeve, wedge, compression, naildrives, drilled angles, adhesives, expantion bolts, stamp cuts, aluminium corner stock, double-eye, thick alloy stock, thinner version, titanium bolts)
  16. Rescue (Belay Pulleys, Rescue belay gear, pulleys, Rescue belay gear, Rescue Racks and Release Straps, Rescue harnesses, Climbing harnesses from Yates Gear, Rescue pulleys, Petzl Minder pulley, Rescue ropes, Blue Water ropes, Rigging plates, Rescue riggers, plates, Rope clamps, Lift ascenders, Ropeman, Stretchers and strops, Heavy duty slings and anchors, Tripods, Arizona Vortex, SRTE Tripods and Ozpods)

Rock Climbing Shoes Type :
  1. Lace up
  2. Slippers
  3. Velcro
  4. Zippers
  5. Edging
  6. Smearer

Clothing :
  1. Men's Clothing
  2. Women's Clothing
  3. Socks
  4. Hats
  5. Gloves

Training & Accessories :
  1. Holds
  2. Climbing Accessories
  3. Water Bottles and Bags
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Hang Boards

Specialised clothing :
  1. Helmet
  2. Climbing shoes
  3. Belay gloves