Indonesian Civet Coffee

First, I want to say that my english is not so good. Sempian Civet Coffee Arabica is a trademark of Arabica civet coffee produced by the Sempian Home Industry at Kedaburapat Village - Rangsang Barat - Meranti District of Riau Province - Indonesia. Civet Coffe is produced from animal called mongoose/civet (Paradoxurus hermaproditus) or Toddy Cat or a badger or weasel kept by residents who were given food such as Arabica coffee at the local people's plantations.

Coffee at the plantation was planted on the sidelines between betel palms and coconut trees are low growing so as to harvesting of the coffee fruit more easily. Land area is on Rangsang Island that have a very high nutrient because this land is a "delta land" that make up from the "delta" of the sludge sedimentation process of the rivers that flow into the coast of Sumatra, Riau Province in particular areas. Thus, the coffee plantations in this areas do not require fertilizer so much. This resulted in the flavor of Arabica coffee that has more flavor because it is very far from the influence of chemical fertilizers.

Indonesia Civet Coffee

Indonesian Sempian Arabica Civet Coffee is fermented by the civet and traditionally manufactured by the Household Industrial Company Insan Mandiri in the area of Sempian Kedaburapat Village in the District of Rangsang Barat - Meranti - Riau Province - Indonesia. There are 2 types of Sempian Civet Coffee Product such as Civet Coffee Bean or beans that are roasted, and Civet Coffee Powder as powder that ready to serve and brewed. This product is packed each in 5 sizes of 50gr, 100gr, 250gr, 500gr and 1kg sizes.

Two products of civet coffee that I bought is coffee civet powder in 50 grams and 100 grams packages which is price Rp.50,000.- and Rp.100,000.- (USD$5-10) after a discount from the seller. The civet coffee base price of sales by the seller of Sempian Civet Coffe at Fiesta Bokor Riviera events are :

The civet coffee Price

50 gram : Rp75,000.00
100 gram : Rp150,000.00
250 gram : Rp350,000.00
500 gram : Rp650,000.00
1 kilogram : Rp1,250,000.00
50 gram : Rp70,000.00
100 gram : Rp140,000.00
250 gram : Rp330,000.00
500 gram : Rp620,000.00
1 kilogram : Rp1,200,000.00

A cup of Civet Coffee is about 100 ml for Rp.27,000 - Rp.35.000 at "Cafe Kopi Luwak" or in some other cafes. Taste of Civet Coffee is so different from regular coffee taste. Civet coffee is produced from the faeces of civet or mongoose or weasel. Not faeces significantly, but the beans out with his faeces. It is just like "elephant durian", derived from the durian fruit eaten by elephants, and out intact with feces. There are no thorns on "elephant durian".

Coffee fruit is eaten by Civet/mongoose/weasel and out with feces in the form of coffee beans without the skin. The great thing is, civet eat only good quality coffee beans and has been riped optimally. If coffee fruit is not good, it will not be eaten by civet. Civet choose coffee fruit that has an optimum level of ripe or maturity based on taste and smell, and civet eat it by peeling the outer skin with his mouth, then swallow the mucus as well as beans.

The coffee beans mucus is sweet taste, swallowed by the civet and will have fermentation process in the civet's stomach. This coffee beans are fermented in a body temperature of 24-26 degrees Celsius aided by enzymes and bacteria in the civet's digestive stomach. This process takes approximately 10 hours resulting in low levels of protein in beans that cause reduced sense of "bitter" during the process of roasting. This causes a sense of high flavor of civet coffee that last long in the mouth with a slightly bitter taste. This is what makes this coffee called as "THE MOST EXPENSIVE COFFEE IN THE WORLD", and one of Indonesia's civet coffee product is Sempian Civet Coffee Arabica.

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