29 Januari 2009

Birth of the Bicycle

Birth of the Bicycle
The bicycle was invented by a German in 1817.
Draisienne (Hobby Horse) 1817
The steerable Draisienne was invented.
Germany's Baron von Drais invented the Draisienne, a steerable bicycle. It was almost completely made of wood, and having no pedals, riders propelled it by pushing their feet against the ground. At the time, the speed record for this bicycle was 15 km/h. It was used little by little until the 1830's. In 1842, it was equipped with solid rubber tires.
MacMillan Velocipede 1839
The MacMillan velocipede was the first of its kind to be ridden with the legs off the ground.
This two-wheeled vehicle was designed by Kirkpatrick MacMillan, a Scottish blacksmith. It was the first of its kind that allowed people to ride without touching their feet to the ground. In MacMillan's hometown of Coathill, Scotland, the one hundredth anniversary since the creation of the MacMillan velocipede was celebrated in September 1946 after an eight-year delay caused by WWII, but recently the actual existence of this vehicle has come under suspicion.
Michaux Velocipede 1860
The world's first mass-produced riding machine.
Designed by France's Pierre Michaux who was involved in the repair of horse carriages and the manufacture of baby carriages and tricycles. He came up with his design when a customer brought a Draisienne in for repairs. After his son tried riding it and had difficulties with his feet on downhill roads, Michaux came up with the idea of connecting crank arms and pedals directly to the front wheel as a means of propulsion.
Phantom 1869
The Phantom, with its ordinary drive, is released.
The Reynolds' of Great Britain released the ordinary-drive Phantom. It was an epoch-making development with its light-weight metal frame, first wheels to ever use a double-spoke construction, solid rubber tires nailed to wooden wheels, and other innovations.

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