Upin dan Ipin : Episod 5 dan 6

Upin dan Ipin :
Episod 5 : Esok Dah Raye
Episod 6 : Istimewe Hari Raye

Episod 5
Airdate: 2007
Buatan les' copaque

In this episode, the grandmother is trying to convince Upin and Ipin that fasting is an obligation that will be rewarded by Allah with enlightenment after life. It is the trend now that parent rewards their children with money for fasting instead of making them understand that fasting is a religious obligation. The episode will also be spice up with comical scenes of the boys preparing for Raya in a true Malaysian style.

Episod 6
Airdate: 2007
The episode starts with the boys, grandmother and sister visiting their parent’s grave in the morning of Raya. On their return from visiting the grave, their friends are around at their house to celebrate Raya together. We then see how they enjoy the food prepared by their grandmother with all their friends of various races and religions. While eating, they will be sharing their experience of fasting for the first time and Opah who will always be around providing advices and encouragements for them to fast in the coming years.