Long Distance Gift for women

Attayaya.net- Everyone really likes gifts, especially women. To pamper women, gifts are often used as suitable weapons. Prizes should not necessarily be given outright. You can give gifts to your female partner from a distance. Here's a gift that can be sent from afar for your girlfriend, daughter and your sibling.

Hand bag

Hand bags are objects that are liked by women. You can give a hand bag from the city where you live to give a special impression. Not all handbags can be found anywhere. Hand bags that are identical to the characteristics of a region usually only exist in that area and are not sold in other cities. This of course will add value to the authenticity of the item.

Regional cuisine

Sending local favorite foods is also a great gift. Local specialties can be a remedy for homesickness. Especially for those who live outside the city. The longing for hometown can be somewhat relieved by special food deliveries from there. If you are afraid the food will spoil. You can ship them dry or properly packaged to keep them well when you reach your destination.


The accessories provided can be in the form of necklaces, bracelets, scarves or other objects. Women generally like to wear jewelry, you can give one of these accessories as a keepsake. If you are traveling, buy some regional accessories and give them to your partner, relative or female friend. He must like it.

Travel ticket

Travel tickets are one of the most special gifts. Especially if the woman you want to give has never been to that place. you just need to make sure the journey is safe for a woman to come.


It may sound unusual or even strange enough to send plants to a woman. But you know, for a woman who likes gardening, giving one or two types of plants will make her happy. Especially if the plant doesn't have it yet. This is certainly more fun because it will add to his personal plant collection.

These are some of the types of long distance gift you can give to your girlfriends, daughter or your sibling. From the above examples, which one attracted you?