Find Friend and Stuff

So many social network that have been exist before such as frindster, facebook, and so many. What's the function of social network? Social network like a structure of nodes that can be individual or organization. It tied by one or more specific types of interdependency. It can be friendship, ideas, vision, male/female relationship, etc. And now, there is a special and unique social network called Acobay, and the member called acobayer. The unique of Acobay is we share our stuff and get connected to other. If we like motorbike, we can share it and connected to others who like motorbike too. And then we can connected to others who like another stuff. We can share our opinion, picture, or ideas.

There are so much category we can join such as auto accessories & tools, automobiles, cameras, cellphones, computer, home appliances, home audios, media players, movies & tv, etc. In movie & tv category, we can share about movie or tv program. May be we can talk about The Dark Knight, Fight Club, Wall-E, or may be Princess Bride in Acobay. So much movie stuf that we can find in this category. Same as other category, we can find much more. So we can enjoy it, share it, exploring, showing and networking. It is original and unique. It's very popular. Don't be late!