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Upin dan Ipin :
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Buatan les' copaque

DURATION : 5 Minutes
AIR TIME : Starting 5th September, Friday - Sunday, 7pm


Upin & Ipin is an animation series about two 5-year-old twins, Upin and Ipin, telling their first experience fasting for the first time in the month of Ramadhan. It is being told from their perspective in such a way that is simple, comical and hilarious. Their grandmother, Opah and elder sister Ros, will give them advice and guidance as the story goes on. The good values will be easily understood by the children and will give a lasting impression upon them, as it is interwind into the plots and subtle manner. Although the series is tailored during the fasting month, they are also suitable to be shown all year round as it has educational and moral values for children.


Upin & Ipin are back in the new Ramadhan series with more fun and exciting experience in learning how to fast. Meet their new friends Mail-the mischievous one, Jarjit a young boy with a huge voice who always gets left out, and not to forget, their kindergarten teacher Miss Jasmin. Both of them were exhilarated to fast the whole month again this year. This time Upin and Ipin learn more about the real meaning of Ramadhan and Syawal, giving and sharing with others and learn to appreciate with what they had. Moral values are instilled in the series but in an entertaining way, teaching children to be grateful and cherish the holy month.