Upin dan Ipin : Episod 1 dan 2

Upin dan Ipin :
Episod 1 : Esok Puase
Episod 2 : Dugaan

Episod 1
Airdate: 2007
Buatan les' copaque

This episode shows how two 5 years old boys, Upin and Ipin, reacts when the word “fasting” is introduced to them. Like any other kids, they are curious to the reason and purpose of fasting. Their grandmother and sister are ever ready to explain to them in a subtle manner the meaning and reason for fasting. A comical scene of them having to wake up in the early hours of the morning for sahur will add up some spice to this episode.

Episod 2
Airdate: 2007

It is always difficult for young boys to fast for the first time especially if they are active and mischievous. They tend to forget that they are fasting when they wake up in the morning or after playing in the hot sun. The element of other religions respecting each other beliefs which is the essence of Malaysian life is clearly portrayed in this episode. Their non-Muslim friends will remind them that they are fasting when they forget. The episode will also bring nostalgic memories to the older viewers on how we fast during their first time.

Film Kartun ini sebenarnya dah lame sekitar 2 tahun lalu disiarkan di TV 9 Malaysia.
Episod 1 akan tau apa itu puase, saho, bangun saho, dan niat puase.
Episod 2 ... ah liat aja sendiri. Lucu lungyu d dengan logat kental melayu Malaysia

Anda akan mendengar kata-kata :
kedekot / lokek : pelit
tak pe : tidak apa-apa
balek : pulang
cup / cop : wah apa artinya yee? menandakan sesuatu milik kita.
aci : boleh, bisa
jom : ayo, yuk