Upin dan Ipin : Episod 3 dan 4

Upin dan Ipin :
Episod 3 : Nikmat
Episod 4 : Taraweh

Episod 3
Airdate: 2007
Buatan les' copaque

It is time for them to break fast after undergoing a lot of obstacles on their first day of fasting. It is common in Malaysia for Muslim families to prepare delicious food especially on the first day of fasting. The temptations of the boys and their excitement to the food prior to the breaking of fast will be interesting and fun to watch. Their hard works in fasting are rewarded when they enjoy the food to the limit. Both of them fell asleep soon after that with their stomach full, derailing their plan to go to the surau for tarawikh prayers.

Episod 4
Airdate: 2007

Their chance of following their Grandmother and sister to the surau for tarawikh is only realized after a few days of fasting. Tarawikh prayers, which is only performed during the month of Ramadhan, is an occasion that children look upon to play with their friends at night rather then praying. It is no exception for Upin and Ipin, as they meet their friends. After the usual exchanges of their experience in fasting, they started playing a typical kids game in Malaysia. Their fun are stopped abruptly by their sister and ordered to join the prayer session.