Saving Sumatra's Peatland Forests and Deforestation for Palm Oil

Greenpeace - Saving Sumatra's Peatland Forests and Deforestation for Palm Oil

In order to protect the planet's climate, it is crucial to save what is left of the world's forests. Sumatra, Indonesia is home to unique peatland forests harbouring some of the world's carbon richest soil. We cannot afford to let them go up in smoke.

Greenpeace has shown that the growing demand for palm oil for household products and biofuels is driving the destruction of the Paradise Forests and peatlands in Southeast Asia.

Our report "How the Palm Oil Industry is Cooking the Climate" shows how using this ingredient can often make a recipe for environmental disaster. Another report, "Caught Red-Handed: How Nestlé's Use of Palm Oil is Having a Devastating Impact on Rainforest, the Climate and Orang-utans", exposes the links between Nestlé and palm oil suppliers, including Sinar Mas, that are expanding their plantations into carbon-rich peatlands and rainforests.

Companies like Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, and others are sourcing palm oil from suppliers who destroy pristine forests and carbon-rich peatlands. Greenpeace activists have documented this first hand with research and Forest Defender Camps. Indonesian peatlands act as huge carbon stores. For example, in Riau province in Sumatra, peatlands store an estimated 14.6 billon metric tons of carbon. If these peatlands were destroyed, the resulting climate pollution would equal that of all the fossil fuel power plants in the world combined for five years! Palm oil plantation expansion is also linked to the destruction of key habitat for endangered orangutans, Sumatran tigers and other sensitive wildlife. harimau_sumatran_tiger I don't hate palm oil or palm oil plantation. But, I hate the palm oil plantation expansion that destruct my forest, my land. We has to against the destruction of rainforests and the massive climate pollution that has resulted from the reckless expansion of palm plantations. The Indonesian government should enact an immediate moratorium on forest and peatland destruction, which will provide a chance to develop long-term solutions and prevent further emissions from deforestation. Industrialized nations should provide funding to provide the necessary resources to bring Paradise Forest and peatland destruction to zero by the year 2015. We has to saving Sumatra's Peatland Forests and Deforestation for Palm Oil.
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