Original Toys/Dolls/Puppets Made in Bekasi Indonesia
Indonesian Toys/Dolls/Puppets from Bekasi

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Making and Address of Genuine/original toys/dolls/puppets made in Bekasi-Indonesia

Genuine/original toys/dolls/puppets made in Bekasi-Indonesia. Some worked on a Home Industry, although there are produces by large factories.

We did a visit to one of the Home Industry Creation Dolls (Puppet Home Industry) in Ciketing Village - the Sumur Batu, Kecamatan Bantar Gebang - Bekasi - Indonesia. Home Industry toys/dolls/puppets making is incorporated in the Association of Small Industries and Craftsmen toys/dolls/puppets Kota Bekasi or Himpunan Industri Kecil dan Pengrajin Boneka Kota Bekasi - Indonesia (HIKPIB). HIKPIB accommodate about 5,000 employees scattered in 100 home industry business units (small, medium and large scale). HIKPIB Secretariat address:
Jalan Al-Hikmah RT 07 RW 02
Kelurahan Mustikasari
Kecamatan Mustikajaya
Kota Bekasi
Telp. +62 021 98199852

HIKPIB membership consists of:
  • Home Industry which includes the production and sale of toys/dolls/puppets raw materials.
  • Home industry that produces only a toys/dolls/puppets.
  • Supplier of raw materials and marketing.

One of the home industri of toys/dolls/puppets is Amanah Amanah Toys & Embroidery (Computerized Embroidery and Toys) that taking orders various toys/dolls/puppets and embroidery.

Address :
Jalan Narogong Km. 2
Kampung Ciketing - Sumur Batu
Kecamatan Bantar Gebang
Kota Bekasi
Tel. +62 021 82499564

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