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Do you have a website?

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One of the basic things needed to start a blog or website

Every person or company who want to have a blog or website a more professional, need a service for the blog or web that can be accessed by all people on the internet world. The service are provided in various sizes that can accommodate anything we need to our own web can be accessed and run smoothly so that it can be seen by people on the internet world anytime and anywhere. The service, from small size up to several megabytes (MB) to the size that reaches gigabytes (GB) and even terabytes (TB). This service is connected to the internet without broken-off-connection (connect 24/7) so that it can be seen at any time and at the same time simultaneously by several peoples. This service is called Web Hosting, a part of the world's total Internet Services, especially for the blog or the web owner.

Blog or website as a means of sharing information / knowledge, selling, promotion, public service eventhough just a media to share our life. The speed of spreading this information is one of measuring the success of individual businesses or companies. All of these is served by the web hosting.

Blog or web can be made easily using a Content Management System (CMS) application. Some of the best CMS like Drupal, Joomla, and Mambo, or other CMS. Drupal is quickly because it is well known open source CMS and perfect for the development of community-based websites. Joomla famous for it's powerful features and easy user interface includes managing the forum. Mambo is also based on open-source and become one of the CMS early developers.

In order to your blog or web get faster index by Google, it is necessary to do some Search engine optimization (SEO). Quickly indexed by Google is a worthwhile thing to our blog or web to known and easy to find by other people. Google (other Bing, MSN, Yahoo) as a search engine that used by many people, make us want our blog or web indexed by it. This can be learned in Search Engine Optimization or 5 Key Aspects of Building an E-commerce Business.


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