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Back to nature. Setelah blog ini beberapa kali memosting yang tidak berhubungan langsung dengan "menyuarakan HIJAU-kan bumi, BIRU-kan langit Indonesia" dalam rangka untuk mengurangi kebosanan teman-teman pengunjung blogku, maka kali ini dicoba memosting tentang hal itu kembali. Salah satu topik adalah usaha-usaha perusahaan besar dalam mengurangi dampak pemanasan global. Kali ini diketengahkan tentang usaha-usaha yang dilakukan Google.

Green Google atau Google Go Green dari Google menyediakan beberapa website yang berhubungan dengan Go Green. Google memiliki lusinan website yang sehubungan dengan bisnis besarnya, terutama Search Engine (mesin pencari).

Dokumentasi usaha-usaha dalam mengurangi dampak global warming ataupun perubahan drastis iklim dunia yang dilakukan Google seperti :

Going Green with Google
Google committed to helping to build a clean energy future. As our business grows, Google want to make sure we minimize our impact on the Earth's climate. So Google taking every step we can to implement innovative and responsible environmental practices across our company to reduce our carbon footprint, ensure efficient computing and help our employees be green.
Berisi pembahasan tentang :
  1. # Clean Energy
    • RE<C on
    • RechargeIT on
    • Google PowerMeter
    • Clean Energy 2030
    • Solar Panels
  2. # Reducing our Footprint
    Generating that electricity requires energy, and as our business grows, Google want to make sure minimize our impact on the Earth's climate. So Google taking every step we can to produce electricity using renewable energy resources that don't add to the production of greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. # Efficient Computing
    How efficient is our infrastructure? Google-designed data centers use about half the energy of a typical data center. As a result, the energy used per Google search is very small; to be precise, Google currently use about 1kJ (0.0003 kWh) of energy to answer the average query. This translates into roughly .2g of CO2 (for non-metric users, that's 0.007 ounces). Not only is energy use very small, web searches often take the place of more carbon- and time-intensive activities, such as driving a car to a library or spending hours navigating shopping malls.
    • Efficient Servers
    • Efficient Data Centers
    • Water Management
    • Server Retirement
    • An Efficient Future
  4. # Green Employee Programs
    • Bikes on Campus
    • Biodiesel Shuttles
    • Composting
    • GFleet
    • Green Design Elements
  5. # Tools for Users
    Google have developed a Google Desktop gadget for Windows XP and Vista that helps you save energy by minimizing your PC's power consumption when it's not actively in use. The Energy Saver gadget will automatically enable and optimize your Windows power settings to EPA recommended standards. It will also show you how much energy you've saved – and how much energy everyone who is using the gadget has saved collectively. All you need to do is make sure you have Google Desktop up and running and then install the Energy Saver gadget.
  6. # Green News
    Everything about green news, climate, environment, earth, green technology.
Go Green with Google SketchUp
This space highlights SketchUp projects and plugins created by green professionals.
Many people use Google SketchUp in the early stages of their designs, when decisions they make can have the greatest potential impact on the way their buildings perform. Google wanted to create a place to showcase some of the innovative work that folks are doing with our tools. Please explore the Architecture, Solar Industry and Analysis Tools sections of this site, and if you like, tell us your story.

The Green Initiative
The Google Store is going green. We only have one Earth and we want to do our best to take care of her (the mother nature), so Google have worked hard to make our store more eco-friendly. From organic cotton T-shirts to pencils made of recycled blue jeans, you'll find that most (though not all) Google products are now made of recycled material or other stuff that goes easy on our planet. We are also using more environmentally sound, recycled polybags, to individually package your items and to protect your items during transit.

Semoga... perusahaan-perusahaan besar lainnya juga melakukan pengurangan dampak pemanasan global yang dapat dilakukan dengan berbagai cara.
Jika pun perusahaan-perusahaan besar itu tidak memulai melakukan hal tersebut, mulailah dari diri kita sendiri.

Save Our Earth
so we can save our children and our family!!!