Medical Training for Doctors

Doctoris is origin word for word "doctor" from Latin word which means "teacher". The verb word of Doctoris is Docere which mean "to teach". Doctorate write down in "ijazah" ("license to teach and issue legal opinions") is the origins legal opinion for doctorate-level degree in the medieval Islamic madrasahs from the 9th century. Doctor with abreviate "dr." usually refer to Medical and other health professions. There many title for doctor. Indonesia give title "dr.", Usnited states give special title like "M.D." or "D.O" and etc. British and its commonwealth give title "MD" without dot.

The Doctors get the title if they have graduate the degree that determined by university. With this skill, they can work as doctor to treat the patient. But today, they have more skill for competitive world. They need consultant interview course. You must prepare!! Others will. Prepare with best consultant interview or consultant medical interview in the world. We need prepare ourselves for knowing about yourself, knowing about the job/hospital/area that is offering the job, knowing about the institution. To help you prepare for your NHS consultant
interview, there are list of consultant interview questions, such as :
Summarise your experience so far
Do you have any other job applications in at present?
Did you apply for this post last year?
Why medicine?
What made you choose this speciality as a career?
What can you bring to this hospital?
What are the qualities of a good doctor?

Prepare yourself to face the competitive world