Golf | The game sport that make us fresh and healthy

Golf is a kind of outdoor sport that use golf club (stick), ball, and field with some holes (golf course). But the history of golf is still in debate. Some people says that golf is from Roman sport named "paganica". Paganica spread throughout several countries as the Romans conquered much of Europe, and be a modern game sport. The golf course has a unique design and typically consists of either 9 or 18 holes. The most accepted about origin golf history is game in Scotland around the 12th century, with shepherds knocking stones into rabbit holes in the place where the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews now sits.

Golf clubs are the equipment of golf game sport to hit the golf ball. It design with grip and clubhead. The construction are shaft, grip, hosel, clubhead, and ferrule. The shaft is a tapered tube made of steel or graphite. The types of golf club are wood-club for long distances club, iron-club for approaching the green which the ball lies such as the rough or through or over trees or the base of hills, hybrid-club is mixed wood and iron for used instead of high-numbered woods and/or low-numbered irons, and putter is designed primarily to roll the ball along the grass on the green, generally from a point on the putting green towards the cup.

A golf ball weighs no more than 1.620 oz (45.93 grams), has a diameter not less than 1.680 in (42.67 mm), and performs within specified velocity, distance, and symmetry limits. For the first time, the balls are made from wood. In 1848, the Rev. Dr Robert Adams Patterson invented the gutta-percha ball (or guttie), from dried sap of a Sapodilla Tree that had a rubber-like feel and could be made round by heating and shaping it while hot. The modern balls made of various synthetic materials like surlyn or urethane blends with two-layer (two-piece), three-layer (three-piece), or four-layer (four-piece) ball.

How to bring some golf-clubs and balls? The golfer always use the golf bag to transport that stuff and the caddy (caddie/cadie) as the person who carries a player's bag, and gives insightful advice and moral support. The Caddy term comes from the French word "le cadet" meaning the boy. The golf bag usually made of nylon, plastic, leather or mixed of that, constructed cylindrically shape. It have several pockets for carrying various equipment and supplies needed as long as play this game sport.

Thing that I love about this game sport is the course with green trees, grass, and healthy air designed, treated and maintained, it can help to reduce the global warming.

So, let's make us more healthy.