Stroller, The Our Lovely Baby Transport

Stroller or push-chair/buggy (British) or kereta-bayi/kereta-dorong (Indonesian/Malaysia/Singapore) is a type of baby transport. Generally for baby up to one year old, but some people use stroller for baby before one year old too. The baby sit and usually facing forwards. The stroller can have 3 or 4 wheel and can steer by the pusher (the lovely parent). In British, the term "pushchair" was the popularly used till the early 1980s, when "buggy" became the trend as a more compact design. It because of the stroller using the aluminium frame.

There are some type of stroller like Tandem Strollers, Jogging Strollers, Lightweight Strollers, and more. The Tandem Stroller is for multiple babies include the twin (side-by-side) and the tandem (front-back) configurations with two seat or more (special type). Jogging Stroller designed by Chorette Corbin in 2002. This type is like a rickshaw with 3 wheels (2 rear wheels and 1 front wheel). Lightweight Strollers is a type of stroller with simple model that so light, easy to maneuver, and inexpensive. Its ideal stroller and without extra weight to our load.

If you want a stroller for your lovely baby, don't forget to check the safety of stroller. You have to check the three or five point harness to ensures the safest ride, espesially for active infant. You have to check brake/locking mechanism, safety flap, and dangerous corner (smooth, covered and padded).

Enjoy your travel with your lovely baby.