The Corporate Sufi as thoughts of Azim Jamal

The Corporate Sufi as thoughts of Azim Jamal, Azim Jamal & Co. CEO. Inc. companies in the UK as a Certified General Accounting and Management Consulting Firm that provides financial consulting services to clients / other companies. Services including management consulting firms such as setting corporate goals, corporate culture, corporate ethics, and others.

In connection with its business, Azim has made a book with the title of "The Corporate Sufi" as the fruit of his thoughts about the nature-based enterprise management / attitude / philosophy of the Sufi. Some websites write stuff like this:
Azim reveals special bond between the Sufi philosophy (considered) the ancient with the executives of the 21st century. Based on professional experience for over twenty years, Azim Jamal is able to change the paradigm of the company in general, and tells you how to achieve happiness in places that are full of competition.

Azim Jamal is known as a professional who is a visionary inspiration. Low attitude capable of anesthetized millions of listeners to his heart throughout the world. For two decades Azim Jamal speaks about Life Balance, Leadership, Spirituality, and Change. More than one million people absorb the messages of wisdom and insights both in the seminars, training sessions or interactive. He himself often appeared in various print and electronic media.

Corporate Sufi is a person who has the ambition to do things the best in the world by becoming entrepreneurs, improve the welfare of self and family, without forgetting the philosophy of a Sufi who understand that human beings simply as an intermediary between receiving sustenance and gives sustenance to others.

The Corporate Sufi Sufi Timeless principles applies to the modern corporate world, examining the Uncommon Connection Between the age-old philosophy for living and working in the 21st Century.

Corporate Sufi Sufi applying ancient philosophies into the world of modern corporate management

  • We value everything and work for cans come to an end in an instant
  • Any provision that we can get lost in the blink of an eye
  • We realize there is more to life than just amassing wealth and dying empty Handed
  • we realize that life is not just a get rich but poor at death
  • happy sought

Core courses / tip Corporate Sufi:
  • Put the mission / purpose of life with the mission / business objectives
  • Apply Sufi philosophy into business for themselves menghilankan ego when conducting business
  • Merging Sufi to search in the search effort
Book by Azim Jamal:
  • The One Minute Sufi
  • Seven Steps to Lasting Happiness: An Inspiring and Practical Guide to Sustained Happiness
  • Journal for Lasting Happiness: Your Daily Fuel for Success
  • The Corporate Sufi