10 Desember 2008

Men Tell Women - Part II

Irene A. Mysteri send me an email.
She write about : "101 Lies Men Tell Women" Part II

21. I always use a con-dom.
22. I can help you get a great job in my company (field)
23. I haven't seen her since she and I broke up.
24. I tested HIV negative.
25. I haven't seen her since she and I broke up.
26. The only sexual fantasies I have are about you.
27. No, I don't think your thighs (stomach, breasts, hips, etc.) are too big.
28. I'm too tired.
29. How could you think I'd be interested in her? She's your best friend.
30. When it comes to oral sex, I'm the best.
31. I've never had any trouble keeping an erection before.
32. It's you and me, babe - we'll make love all over Europe.
33. I'd never do anything to hurt you.
34. I want to grow old with you.
35. Believe me, my wife and I live very separate lives.
36. Our having sex won't change a thing between us.
37. Don't worry, I've had a vasectomy.
38. I'm going to leave my wife.
39. You're nothing at all like my mother.
40. Your being a different religion doesn't matter to me.

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